Inline Splice Closure

Inline Splice Closures

Opterna Fiber Optic Inline Splice closure (FISC) is suitable for protecting fibre cable splices in straight through and branching applications. Its well-engineered injection molded outer body makes it impenetrable to the elements. It can protect splices and ensure reliability and usage in ambient temperatures from -40°C to +65 °C. It can be placed in aerial, underground, wall mounting, and duct mounting locations.

Product Description

The Opterna Fiber Optic In-Line Splice Closures (FISC) are specially designed to provide reliable and long-lasting protection for optical fibers and splices, combined with maximum ease of installation and maintenance. A full range of closures are available, optimized for all network architectures. Specific versions are available, dependent upon the number of fibers/cables, cable diameter and the type of optical cable – single or ribbon fiber. Splice cassettes are ordered separately to optimize flexibility and efficiency.

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