Fiber Sentinel System

Opterna’s Fiber Sentinel System uses WaveSense TechnologyTM to monitor such optical anomalies and provides continuous, real-time, protocol independent physical layer monitoring of a fiber optic communication system. It detects any signal variations (including tapping or signal injections), shuts down instantly and isolates affected path in milliseconds, re-routes the traffic to a back-up fiber path (which will also be monitored) and notifies the network administrator.

Product Description

Opterna’s Fiber Sentinel System (FSS) is the answer to the security threats of your optical communication infrastructure. Our Fiber Sentinel System protects the optical line from intrusions of any kind and informs the administrator about the intrusion in real-time. When configured to use a backup line, the system automatically cuts the compromised optical line and switches to backup. The system can detect and filter eight event types like optical injections, transients, cable breaks, & receiver over loads.Optical communications systems are generally insensitive to anomalies below a certain level due to its wide optical budget considerations during network designing. Even a very well designed optical communication system will come across undetectable/ unnoticeable signal variations, which if not identified instantly can pose a threat to your data protection and information security.

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