Amplifier Monitoring

Amplifier Monitoring

Product Description

Amplifier monitoring was a difficult sell years ago when typical cascades numbered 10+ amplifiers per node, but newer network designs and return path dependencies have led to the resurgence in amplifier monitoring among small to medium systems.  Many amplifiers can be configured with return path attenuators, which in cooperation with Opterna’s monitoring software can be used to remotely isolate noise and ingress, thus affecting fewer customers. A DOCSIS solution is uncommon in amplifier monitoring, but Opterna provides amplifier solutions in both HMS and proprietary protocols.

Whether an operator has purchased the amplifier transponders from Opterna or from another competing vendor, Opterna’s Omni2000 and BOSS enterprise level monitoring platforms will provide the user with a common graphical user interface, thus bridging the variations in the packaging, protocol *, and electrical interfaces.  Opterna’s software provides continuous parameter monitoring, ingress attenuation control, and alerts resulting from a threshold violation.   The monitoring system provides the operator with the tools necessary to be both proactive and reactive, quickly and efficiently.  Amplifiers equipped with return path switches can be remotely controlled from the software to allow a technician to pinpoint the source of ingress and isolate the noise, thus affecting a smaller group of customers.


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