Opterna Enables Smarter Living

Smart housing technology combines hardware and software to enable the full potential of living spaces. This innovation in housing utilizes automated systems to improve efficiencies and save energy and money.

Smarter Housing

Smart homes empower residents and property owners with access to important information and more control over a building’s functions. By unleashing the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, smart housing enhances living environments by utilizing smart infrastructure as a platform for multiple technologies.

Today, investors and owners are increasingly attracted to the significant and measurable benefits offered by smart housing technology. This technology helps owners and residents alike to achieve qualitative and quantitative enhancements in ways that directly translate to improvements in how we live and work.


The energy savings that can be realized through smart housing technology is significant. These savings translate into real dollars and can be enjoyed by investors and developers alike. Furthermore, smart housing technology presents revenue opportunities for building owners as well. By combining the technology platform of smart living with traditional services like voice, video and data, owners and managers can attract residents interested in experiencing the efficiencies and comfort smart infrastructure provides.


Through smart housing technology, residents are able to better communicate with other residents and, most importantly, their families and the rest of the world. For residents, smart housing can improve quality of life by providing unique user experience for residents in many ways including: • health and wellness • independent living and aging in place • utility affordability • safety • entertainment • sports and fitness • emergency care

Imagine being able to check messages, open windows, operate lights and curtains and monitor how much energy a home is saving, all from a central system.
Simply put, smart housing enables owners, managers, and residents to realize the full potential of their living spaces.

Aging in Place

Baby boomers and other senior generations are living longer and the cost of total personal health care is rapidly increasingly. Meanwhile, the expectations of today’s consumers have evolved to call for the efficient, convenient delivery of goods and services.

What results is a unique opportunity to support our seniors with a better, more comfortable quality of life through technology. Opterna is working with residents, investors and developers to spur a dynamic age of innovation that contributes to our seniors living the lives they deserve.

Asset Management

Smart housing systems and solutions enable owners and managers to more efficiently coordinate the regular maintenance needs of any property well before small problems can grow into larger, costly challenges.

Managing a property comes with many responsibilities, so Opterna offers a range of IoT products to make the process easier. These products help to mitigate property damage and protect physical assets. Additionally, we support the management the operational costs of the energy needed to run your building.

If a pipe burst and begins to leak, Opterna tools can alert you. Our perimeter monitors keep your building secure and our temperature controls can equalize heating and cooling settings to accommodate for fluxuations of degrees outside. In all, our experts and products are your partners in making asset management more efficient.

Our Approach

At Opterna, we build smart systems and infrastructure in ways that allow owners, managers, and residents to utilize technology, making the home experience more efficient, comfortable, and secure.


Our team of smart housing experts will first commit to understand your unique needs and challenges, so that we can design a system and program ideal for you.


Opterna’s talented team will design a unique smart housing strategy and system that optimizes the features of your building while saving you money and enabling your residents to maximize their living space.


Opterna offers a wide suite of hardware and software solutions that can serve as the backbone of a customized smart housing system that takes your property to new heights.


After delivery, Opterna remains as your trusted advisor and partner to ensure that your system is optimally maintained and improved upon as needed.

Hardware Design and Key Features:
  • Ergonomically design wireless gateway designed to fit into a wall outlet
    Optional and configurable wireless protocol modules to enable flexible deployment of smart
  • Optional building gateway-router to enable localized “fog”-based services based on information from gateways
  • Built in fiber cable to enable investor to rapidly deploy traditional services such as HD video
Software Design and Key Features:
  • Customer defined privacy settings
  • Intuitive graphic based data analysis by either investors or users
  • Asset Management protection
  • Aging in place

Opterna Enables your Aspirations

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