Aging in Place

Retirees Uncertain About Tapping Home Equity But Want To Age In Place

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By: Jamie Hopkins
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With Social Security funding issues around the corner, uncertain market conditions, long-term low interest rates and skyrocketing medical costs, American retirees are facing a laundry list of retirement challenges. The only certainty is that retirement is going to be dramatically different than the retirement previous generations encountered. In order to retire with financial security and dignity, Americans need to make well-informed decisions about when to retire, when to collect Social Security, how to manage their retirement savings and what to do about housing in retirement.  It is this last item, housing in retirement, which often gets the least amount of attention, when in fact, it should be closely scrutinized as a powerful asset.

New research from The American College of Financial Services,The Home Equity and Retirement Income Planning Survey, found that the overwhelming majority, 83 percent of Americans nearing or in retirement, want to remain in their current home for as long as possible. Additionally, the desire to remain in one’s home increased with age. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, not only did the desire to remain in one’s home increase with age, but the number of years the respondent expected to remain in the home also increased with age. Even if the homeowner needed to relocate later in retirement, almost none of the respondents expressed a desire to rent.

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