Who We Are

At Opterna, we choose to reject regularity and embrace possibility. We are unafraid to pursue a different path in the interest of finding better ways. We are a team of dreamers, thinkers, and creators – all driven by a common passion for making greater human connection possible. The products and solutions we provide are transforming connectivity in homes, cities, and businesses around the world…and we’re just getting started.

Established in 1992 as an U.S.-based opto-electronic product company, Opterna has grown into a world class technology company operating in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Mexico.

Over two decades, we cut our teeth leading some of the world’s largest fiber optic projects. Over that time, we have evolved as a business through a decade of ideation and product development across a variety of market segments. Today, Opterna boast a stellar team of thinkers who are creating the next generation of products and solutions in the fiber, data centers, and IoT spaces. And yet, as at our founding, Opterna is driven by a deep commitment to quality, reliability and partnership.

What We Do

Full Lifecycle Solutions, Providing Exactly What You Need

For more than 20 years, Opterna has been delivering high quality and cost-effective fiber optic products and solutions to customers around the world. Not only does Opterna have fully-owned world-class manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Mexico, but we have sales and support staff in these locations, too, as well as in numerous others. We strive to involve our customers in our product management lifecycle, so that the equipment and systems that we develop best meet the needs of your end users. Regardless of region, economy, system size or capabilities, Opterna is committed to helping you maximize the fiber optic communication solutions that you can offer.

Our products and technology segments include:
  • Fiber management systems which organize the “optical plumbing” that is the core infrastructure of all modern wired and wireless communication networks including fast growing Fiber-to-the-“X” deployments and wireless tower backhaul upgrades.
  • Affordable and field deployable test & measurement equipment vital to the maintenance of the optical infrastructure.
  • Hybrid fiber and wireless gateways for end users that require the bandwidth capacity of fiber and the mobility of wireless.
  • Connectivity accessories and devices for home entertainment and data center equipment.

Executive Leadership

The people behind Opterna design and build industry leading fiber optic passive and active devices, fiber management, structured cabling and monitoring and security systems. Our company is fueled by people driven to create products and solutions that connect the world.

Javad K. Hassan

Founder & Chairman

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Partners and Affiliates

We believe that great companies are strengthened by great partners. In this spirit, we are always looking to develop new relationships with organizations and leaders that share our passion for good business and quality connections.

Corporate Responsibility

At Opterna, we are dedicated to engaging communities around the world and using technology to solve problems and enable human brilliance.

Global Presence

Each of our offices worldwide operate under one unified vison with specific areas of specialization. Hover over the map below to learn more about our offices around the globe.